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Women in The Church

An Open Letter
Volume 31, Issue 7,8 & 9, September 21, 2017

Alexina Murphy, Victoria

     I am writing to ask for the opportunity to pay you a visit. I am a baptised and committed Catholic living in your diocese.
     I am a member of Catholic Network for Women’s Equality (CNWE), having been present at the founding conference held in Toronto in 1981. At the time I was studying at St. Michael’s University College from where I graduated with an Mdiv. in 1982.
     Recently, the editor of the CNWE newsletter called “The Seed Keepers” invited readers to write brief letters to Pope Francis, expressing their concern at the exclusion of women from leadership and decision-making in the Church. Some twenty letters were written, which CNWE will now forward to Rome. Meanwhile, we would like our Canadian bishops to have copies of our letters and to enter into dialogue with women – and men and youth and clergy – as to how best to address these issues of equality and inclusion.
     Myself and two friends who share my concerns, would like to bring you these letters in person.
     Today, the Feast of Mary of Magdala is celebrated throughout our Church. It is the custom in some places for women to be invited to preach today in her honour, the first witness to the Resurrection of Jesus. We wondered if such a custom might be established in our diocese of Victoria.