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Volume 31, Issue 7,8 & 9, September 21, 2017

Paulette Claire Turcotte

today, this flawless day  
perfect, wind from the north
heralds a new romance,
come, all of you,
the dance is for everyone.
the stunning days of opulent splendour—fall 
flawless morning,
the mad indigenous poet buries                                       
the corpse 
of summer
with a zealous kiss
on her fleeting back side 
the wild woman—surrenders  eloquently 
at last—let us
walk bravely towards 
the new horizon 
burnt and burnished 
red flames licking the sky,
copper meadows
awaiting a lover,
I am under your spell,
and greedy for words, words 
dance just out of reach,
I am stoned
on your stubborn glory.