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My Soul Magnifies My Beloved

Volume 30, Issue 10,11 & 12, December 21, 2016

Alexina Murphy

And rejoices in the body of feminist theology created in our time
You show us the way to overcome the separation of women and men in your ecclesial body
The way of baptism in which there is no distinction between male and female, Jew and           Greek, slave and free
Women can shine forth in the splendour of personhood, of human being fully alive
Jesus was born of a woman
Jesus calls women equally with men into his service
Jesus took unto himself the suffering of women, his body scarred with 
women’s wounds inflicted in violence, in poverty, in neglect
The sorrows of women call forth the mercy of the Beloved, whose heart 
is broken open at the broken-heartedness of women, at the tears of 
orphans, the widowed, those morning the death of their children
The Beloved looks kindly on the human race and her mercy is poured out
making good the folly and frivolity and falsity of women’s lives
trivialised under heedless patriarchy
When women stand up and rejoice, great is the joy in the heart of 
When women risk their lives in pregnancy and giving birth and keeping the faith
The starry skies ring with acclaim
How great is our God
Written as an exercise at Bruce Sanguin’s workshop “Advent and Evolving Mysticism”, held on November 19, 2016. An Earth Literacies event held jointly with St. Aidan’s United Church.